Products & Pricing


Step 1i – Lifetime Interest Free eMembership (FORM A) – 100% Free.

Step 1ii – Personal or Corporate account Trading Assistant – 100% Free.

Name of Trading Assistant located on your AUSex Card Statement

Step 1iii – Your Master Dreams List (FORM E) with full training – UT$1,000.0000 .

Step 1iv – Profit vs Loss (PL) Statement (FORM B) + Balance Sheet (BS) (FORM C) free. With optional full training – UT$2,000.0000 .

Step 2i – Docket Book (50 self-cardoning Dockets), book per each – UT$500 – Order through your Trading Assistant.

Step 2ii – eMembers Users List – UT$1,000.0000 . Those eMembers who want their availability known.

Step 2iii – International Standard Business Plan Format, with full training – UT$2,000.0000.

Step 3i – 15 Digit Plastic electronic ‘Fingerprint’ ID eMember’s Card and account number, onetime only payment – UT$1,041.25. Order through your Trading Assistant.

Step 3ii – Smart-device POS APP – FREE.

Step 3iii – Online Live account access – FREE.


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