AUSex Card


Hey, I’m Mr I. Quinton Scholz

Commercial Agent (CAPI) Nr. 4123-9382-4.

CAPI License

I created AUSex Card & Purple Listings a trading name within my first company Australian Express Card Pty Ltd which first registered on 2003 March 31 ABN. 40 103 924 554.

After working briefly with a private finance company in Adelaide marketing Home and Business Loans including a Credit Card. I worked briefly for an alternative to bank finance. A public company Global eCurrency firm which trained me on their product in Southport, Queensland.

I discovered from my earlier employment as a livestock and station agent with Elders GM. My personal studies and training particularly in global trade with Wade World Trade educators, the Number One Trading Plan with David Bowden and particularly Robert Krausz of Geometric Traders Institute a New Market Wizard. During a student training visit by Robert to Sydney, Australia in 1996. The information I learned from Robert combined with my previous life experiences. I was able to discover how best to overcome my own personal financial challenges; which included that of most Primary Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers and the bulk of everyday Buying Consumers.

So AUSex Card and Purple Listings was born.

Our Product & Service

Lifetime interest free lines of Credit. FORM A Lifetime eMembership, Step 1 (100% Free). – download and complete,

then follow the instructions on the FORM A download above.

Monthly eStatement (available now 100% FREE, with every 100% FREE lifetime eMembership).

Travelers Docket Book Step 2, (now available, ask your Trading Assistant).

eMembership Plastic electronic ID ‘fingerprints’ Card Step 3i, (available soon, ask your Trading Assistant).

Smart-device POS App Step 3ii, (available soon FREE).

eMember online live account access Step 3iii, to updates of purchases and sales (available soon FREE).

Profit vs Loss (PL) statement FORM B and training on the Balance Sheet (BS) FORM C, Step 1, (available now 100% FREE, ask your Trading Assistant).

A Personal or Corporate account Trading Assistant Step 1, (available now 100% FREE).

Access other AUSex Card users – Purple Listings Step 2, (available on request 100% FREE, ask your Trading Assistant).

FORM D Business Plan, and FORM E Step 1, assist our customers design their elife objectives making each a reality using our proprietary products and disciplines (available now 100% FREE, ask your Trading Assistant).

Our eCurrencys’ Market Value

AUSex Card does not trade ‘On Grid’. AUSex Card is a 100% ‘Off Grid’ trading eCurrency. The Chart below indicates how our eCurrency has increased and remained securely firm in value since 2003 when Australian Express Card Pty Ltd was birthed and first began trading.

AUSex Card’s eCurrency value is ‘indexed’ to the value of Spot Gold (XAU/USD), British Pounds Stirling (GBP/USD), and Bitcoin (BTC/USD) divided by three (3).

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