Welcome to Australian Express Card Pty Ltd

ABN. 40 103 924 554

AUSex Card’s ‘Yoney’ & Purple Listings

“Where every eMember is a Merchant”



“Be free from the love of Money – to love your Yoney!”

Features of Yoney & Features of Money


Unrestricted users type* for Loans & Credit

Lifetime Interest Free for all Loans & Credit

AUSex Card owns all eMembers debt, if any

Loans & Credit on eMember repayments default; AUSex Card owns all eMembers debt, never repossessing assets of eMember’s. DRF* insurance built-in to each trading transaction made by an eMember.


Restricted users type* for Loans & Credit

Interest Payable on all Loans & Credit owned by the Customer

Customer owns all their debt

Loans & Credit on customer repayments default; Possible repossession of assets.

AUSex Card Trading – Yoney APP

Smart-device APP Download coming here free soon

Wirex ‘Money’ – recommended companion to AUSex Card’s ‘Yoney

Join here: https://wirexapp.com/r/Wirexpresscard get your FREE Wirex Visa Debit Card

Wirex Visa – for the experienced smart global consumer

AUSex Card holds no liability for Wirex RBC/CBC Money Cryto trading losses outside Australian Express Card Pty Ltd eMembers maximum recommended Wirex deposit of $300.00AUD. Without further consultation with an AUSex Card experienced financial instruments trader.

Foot Note:

Type* – without prejudice some businesses are excluded from use of AUSex Card’s Yoney; eg. sex industry, medical industry, illicit drug & firearms/weapons industry (a more comprehensive list can be downloaded from the support page in due time).

DRF* – Debt recovery fund insurance. Activated in the event of an eMember’s physical and permanent disability or permanent repayment inability or physical death. eMember’s Debt if any is paid in full.