Welcome to Australian Express Card Pty Ltd

ABN. 40 103 924 554

AUSex Card’s ‘Yoney’ & Purple Listings

“Where every eMember is a Merchant”



“Be free from the love of Money – to love your Yoney!”

Features of Yoney & Features of Money


Unrestricted users type* for Loans & Credit

Lifetime Interest Free for all Loans & Credit

AUSex Card owns all eMembers debt, if any

Loans & Credit on eMember repayments default; AUSex Card owns all eMembers debt, never repossessing assets of eMember’s. DRF* insurance built-in to each trading transaction made by an eMember.


Restricted users type* for Loans & Credit

Interest Payable on all Loans & Credit owned by the Customer

Customer owns all their debt

Loans & Credit on customer repayments default; Possible repossession of assets.

AUSex Card Trading – Yoney APP

Smart-device APP Download coming here free soon

Wirex ‘Money’ – recommended companion to AUSex Card’s ‘Yoney

Join here: https://wirexapp.com/r/Wirexpresscard get your FREE Wirex Visa Debit Card

Wirex Visa – for the experienced smart global consumer

AUSex Card holds no liability for Wirex RBC/CBC Money Cryto trading losses outside Australian Express Card Pty Ltd eMembers maximum recommended Wirex deposit of $300.00AUD. Without further consultation with an AUSex Card experienced financial instruments trader.

Foot Note:

Type* – without prejudice some businesses are excluded from use of AUSex Card’s Yoney; eg. sex industry, medical industry, illicit drug & firearms/weapons industry (a more comprehensive list can be downloaded from the support page in due time).

DRF* – Debt recovery fund insurance. Activated in the event of an eMember’s physical and permanent disability or permanent repayment inability or physical death. eMember’s Debt if any is paid in full.

Do you want a piece of AUSex Card’s action? Then take on a free Introductory (Limited) Agency in your local area of influence. Receive a reward from your areas volume trades; paid into your account by AUSex Card in Yoney and Money. Ask your Trading Assistant for more information on how to obtain a free Agency today.